Mepore Adhesive Surgical Dressing - 7cm x 5M (Roll)

Mepore Adhesive Surgical Dressing - 7cm x 5M (Roll)

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Product Description

Mepore Adhesive Surgical Dressings offers breathability and are a self-adherent dressing adept at absorbing blood and exudate. Its water-repellent backing film effectively shields the wound, ensuring protection from external contaminants.

The adhesive of Mepore is gentle on the skin, facilitating easy fixation and removal of the dressing. Its user-friendly design makes it conformable and comfortable for patients.

Key features include:

  • Skin-friendly adhesive for gentle fixation and easy removal of the dressing.
  • Comfortably conforms to the patient's body.
  • Efficiently absorbs blood and exudates.
  • Water-repellent backing film provides coverage and shields against external contamination.

Package contains 1x 5m roll of dressing.

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