Portable Orthotic Grinding System

Portable Orthotic Grinding System

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Product Description

Our Portable Orthotic Grinding System has been designed specifically for portable use and for clinicians with limited space.

This system is perfect for the clinician that is not able to dedicate a clinical space for a permanent orthotic grinding system. Using a simple toggle-clamp system, this portable unit can be attached to virtually any table. The clamp is adjustable and can be fixated to minimise vibration. The portable grinder is mounted on a custom machined aluminium plate with an anti-vibration EVA layer on the bottom surface to prevent damaging the table surface being clamped to. 

If you cannot invest in a full size system, yet you still dispense custom foot orthoses clinically, then this is a good option that allows for orthotic modification.

This item can be paired with an extraction unit or vacuum cleaner, allowing for dust to be extracted from the small outlet near the grinding wheel.


  • 250W motor
  • 1,600 - 3,000 RPM
  • Sanding roll width: 60mm
  • Sealed ball bearing for prolonged life
  • Vibration absorption pads for smoother operation
  • Toggle clamp mount
  • RPM adjustment dial

How complicated is the installation?

It's very simple, however you will need several tools. We can provide you with all of the instructions to undertake installation yourself in clinic, or if you are based within 50km of Adelaide, we can provide an installation service.

What tools will I need to install?

Nothing. This unit comes pre-assembled and ready to clamp to virtually any table surface.

Can I use my own dust extraction with this portable grinder?

It depends on what type of dust extraction system you are using. Almost anything can adapt, however the specifications of the system will change the effectiveness of the extraction.

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