Orthotic Grinding System

Orthotic Grinding System

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Product Description

Our Orthotic Grinding System has been designed specifically for use with foot orthoses generated using modern CAD/CAM technologies.

This Orthotic Grinding System has been developed in conjunction with leading laboratories using an array of custom machined parts that are ergonomically designed for a comfortable grinding experience. It has been built with industrial grade parts that are built to last everyday use in both laboratory and clinical environments.

This Orthotic Grinding System can be adapted with various attachments using the tapered spindle and arbor adapter connectors. It comes pre-configured for the optimal finishing of either EVA or polypropylene materials.

We believe that this is the best Orthotic Grinding System on the market at this price point.

We highly recommend pairing the purchase of this product with one of our dust extraction systems, for optimal extraction.


  • 200mm industrial bench grinding unit
  • Powerful induction motor with 3/4 HP
  • 2880 RPM
  • 600W/240V 10A
  • Sealed ball bearing for prolonged life
  • Vibration absorption pads for smoother operation
  • Cast iron body
  • Cast iron base
  • Capacitor start/stop motor
  • Tapered spindle w/ rope buffing wheel attachment
  • Arbor adapter w/ rubber contact wheel & sanding wheel (P80 grit)

Optional Extras:

  • Bench Grinder Stand

Assembly Information:

  • Orthotic Grinding System comes assembled
  • Requires attachment to dust extraction system on-site
  • Requires attachment to bench grinder stand on site

How complicated is the installation?

It's very simple, however you will need several tools. We can provide you with all of the instructions to undertake installation yourself in clinic, or if you are based within 50km of Adelaide, we can provide an installation service.

What tools will I need to install?

If you are mounting to a stand, the stand will need to be bolted to your floor. We recommend that you secure the stand to a level concrete floor using AnkaScrews. The basic tools you will need are a hammer drill, a packet of AnkaScrews, an appropriately sized socket, drive ratchet and a masonry drill bit sized according to your AnkaScrews. If you like we can arrange a shopping list, don't worry it's easier than it sounds! If you are installing on a bench, then it will depend on the bench, so it's best to send us some photographs.

Can I use my own dust extraction, or bench grinder stand?

Most likely, yes. Just send us some photographs and we can make some recommendations.

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