Extractor Hose 100mm/3m

Extractor Hose 100mm/3m

Product Code: EXTRACTOR-HOSE-100MM-3M
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Product Description

Our Extractor Hose is 100mm in diameter and 3m in length and is perfectly matched to our grinding, CNC and dust extraction machinery.

How do I connect my extractor hose?

It all depends on what machinery you are attempting to connect it to. You should measure the outlets from both your grinding and dust extraction system. The extractor hose may connect directly to these outlets, or it may require an adapter of some kind to be correctly fitted. The extractor hose can then be connected using extractor hose clamps of a 100mm diameter. These extractor hose clamps can then be tightened using a drill with a Philips head attachment.

How much extractor hose do I need?

You should measure the distance between your outlets and add 1 metre. Adding additional extractor hose to your system will decrease the efficiency of your dust extraction system. Our extractor hose is flexible helping it adapt easily to your system.

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