Dust Shroud - Right

Dust Shroud - Right

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Item specifics

  • Right Side Attachment Side

Product Description

Our right hand side Dust Shroud is ergonomically designed to improve extraction when manufacturing EVA foot orthoses. They are specifically designed to maximise airflow when connected to your bench grinding system.

These item can also be purchased as a set, or for a right hand side.

The right hand side is designed specifically to match grinding systems with a sanding wheel that has a dimension no greater than 80mm in width and 110mm in diameter.

What is a dust shroud?

A blast gate connects to your dust shroud on your grinding system. Having a blast gate on the left and right hand sides of your grinding system allows and individual side to be shut, which allows for improved extraction to the open side.

Is my grinding system compatible with this dust shroud?

Our dust shrouds have three locating holes for connection to a variety of bench grinding systems. Send us some information about your grinding system and we can let you know if our dust shrouds are adaptable.

How do I connect my dust shroud?

If you are using a standard grinding system you will first need to remove all attachments. The shrouds connect using three bolts correctly sized for the thread specifications of your grinding system. If you have purchased a grinding system from PodCAM Supplies then we will provide you detailed instructions if you are purchasing this unit as an individual item.

Can you help me setup my grinding system?

Of course. We supply complete grinding systems ergonomically designed for custom foot orthosis manufacture

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