Blast Gate 100mm

Blast Gate 100mm

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Product Description

Our Blast Gates are 100mm in diameter are are perfectly matched to our grinding, CNC and dust extraction systems.

What is a blast gate?

A blast gate connects to your dust shroud on your grinding system. Having a blast gate on the left and right hand sides of your grinding system allows and individual side to be shut, which allows for improved extraction to the open side.

What extractor hose is compatible with these blast gates?

We recommend extractor hose with a 100mm diameter.

Can I attach a blast gate to my own grinding system?

That depends on the diameter of the shrouds of your grinding system. Take a photo and email us and we can make some recommendations.

How do I connect a blast gate to my shroud?

We recommend connecting your blast gate to your shroud using a 150mm offcut of 100mm extractor hose. The extractor hose acts as the adapter between your blast gate and your dust shroud. The extractor hose, blast gate and dust shroud are then all connected using extractor hose clamps of a 100mm diameter. These extractor hose clamps can then be tightened using a drill with a Philips head attachment.

Can you help me setup my grinding system?

Of course. We supply complete grinding systems ergonomically designed for custom foot orthosis manufacture.

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