LaserCAM VPS Negative Cast - 3D Scanner

LaserCAM VPS Negative Cast - 3D Scanner

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Product Description

The LaserCAM VPS Negative Cast 3D Scanner quickly and accurately captures a 3D scan of the internal aspect of plaster casts, foam impression boxes, fibreglass socks and other media used to cast the human foot in clinical practice.

In tandem with LaserCAM Orthotics Prescribe software, the LaserCAM VPS Negative Cast 3D Scanner can complete and process a scan in ten seconds. It is designed and manufactured to be used in a laboratory setting where all forms of foot capture are submitted for manufacture.


  • Four-camera, four-laser true 3D system that looks at all angles within the negative cast
  • 3D view of plantar surface, lateral longitudinal arch, medial longitudinal arch, and back of heel
  • Allows capturing virtually any negative cast format in a lab setting
  • Included stand allows for quick positioning of casts on flat surface beneath scanner for easy alignment in CAD
  • Captures in VRML format (full colour 3D scan format)
  • Not locked to a lab or software

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3D Scan Samples

Note: you may view these sample 3D scans in the 3D Viewer application that is pre-installed on Windows 10.