LaserCAM VPS - 3D Scanner

LaserCAM VPS - 3D Scanner

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Product Description

The LaserCAM VPS 3D Scanner quickly and accurately captures a digital cast of the human foot.

In tandem with LaserCAM Orthotics Prescribe software, the LaserCAM VPS 3D Scanner can complete and process a scan in seven seconds. It is designed and manufactured to be used in a professional podiatric setting.


  • Two-camera, true 3D system
  • 3D view of plantar surface, lateral longitudinal arch, medial longitudinal arch, and back of heel
  • Portable: weighs less than 7kg and runs off battery power
  • Allows practitioner to hold and manipulate foot during scanning
  • Non-, semi-, and full-weight bearing modes when purchased with LaserCAM VPS Stand
  • LaserCAM VPS Stand allows for supine or prone for scanning positions
  • Captures in VRML format (full colour 3D scan format)
  • Not locked to a lab or software

Please note that the LaserCAM VPS Stand and Case are both sold separately.

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3D Scan Samples

Note: you may view these sample 3D scans in the 3D Viewer application that is pre-installed on Windows 10.

LaserCAM VPS Brochure

Note: the financing options presented in this brochure are applicable to Australian clients only.