Utilising red line-laser 3D-imaging techniques, the LaserCAM VPS 3D scanner quickly and accurately captures a true-dimension digital cast of the human foot. In tandem with LaserCAM software, the LaserCAM VPS can complete and process a scan in seven seconds. The software is compatible with LaserCAM Orthotics CAD software and can scans can quickly be attached to a digital prescription and sent to a desired laboratory.

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- Two-camera, true 3D system

- Sees plantar surface, lateral and medial margins, and back of heel

- Portable: weighs less than 7kg and runs off battery power

- Slim enough to allow the for practitioner's hands on the patient's feet

- Stand allows flexibility to be used in non-, semi-, and full-weight bearing modes

- Allows for patient to be supine or prone for scanning

- Addable stand gives increases ability of use

- Captures in VRML format for full photographic information

Please note that the stand is not included in the base price of the LaserCAM VPS.


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