Arbor Adapter 16mm - Left Side

Arbor Adapter 16mm - Left Side

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Item specifics

  • Left Side Attachment Side
  • 16mm Thread Dimension
  • Metric Thread Classification

Product Description

Our industrial grade arbor adapters are designed for maximum compatibility with our grinding systems. An arbor adapter may be connected to the left hand or right hand side of your PodCAM Supplies bench grinding system.

What size is right for me?

We supply arbor adapters that fit both 5/8" and 16mm threaded bench grinding systems. Prior to purchasing you will need to ascertain the specific thread of your bench grinding system.

What parts can be connected to my arbor adapter?

Our arbor adapters allows for the quick attachment of our custom machined rubber contact wheels. These wheels allow for discs of sandpaper to be quickly attached. When the rubber contact wheel is tightened to the arbor adapter, the rubber contact wheel expands, thereby tightening the fit of the sandpaper disc.

What about custom attachments?

It depends on the attachment. It's best to send us some information about the part you are trying to connect to your grinding system so we can give you a recommendation.

I am unsure if this is the right part can you help?

Of course. Send us an email with some images of your bench grinding system and we can make some recommendations.

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