GoLevita Rigid Sports Strapping Tape - 12.5mm x 15m

GoLevita Rigid Sports Strapping Tape - 12.5mm x 15m

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Item specifics

  • 15m Roll Length
  • 12.5mm Roll Width

Product Description

GoLevita Rigid Sports Strapping Tape is a vital asset in injury management tailored for podiatrists. This tape serves as a crucial tool for restricting movement and providing essential support to joints and muscles in podiatric practice.

Discover GoLevita’s premium selection of rigid strapping tape, meticulously designed to offer podiatrists maximum support, compression, and stability. Our tape range is specifically formulated to address the unique needs of podiatric care, aiding in injury prevention, treatment, and management.

Crafted with advanced latex-free and hypoallergenic zinc oxide adhesive, our tape undergoes rigorous testing and approval by Australian Healthcare Professionals, ensuring superior skin protection and minimizing the risk of reactions or discomfort. Experience the confidence of a strong bond between the tape and your patients' skin.

Trusted by podiatrists across Australia, our tape range is available in convenient single rolls, or bulk boxes.

One individual roll of tape of 12.5mm width and 15m length.

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