Mefix Self-Adhesive Fabric - 15cm x 10M (Roll)

Mefix Self-Adhesive Fabric - 15cm x 10M (Roll)

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Product Description

Mefix comprises a polyester fabric with apertures, coated in acrylic adhesive and shielded by release paper. This construction offers both lateral stretchability and conformity while maintaining high tensile strength, necessitating scissors for cutting.

Available in various widths, Mefix is often known as a 'dressing retention sheet'. Its permeability to water vapor mitigates the risk of tissue maceration and is resistant to sweat.

The fabric and adhesive are both radio-transparent, obviating the need for removal during X-rays.

Key advantages include:

  • Convenient protection paper for precise measurement and cutting.
  • Perforated split in the protection paper for easy handling.
  • Skin-friendly, water-based, solvent-free polyacrylate adhesive ensures secure and gentle fixation.
  • Soft, elastic non-absorbent non-woven material for patient comfort.
  • Mefix consists of a porous, elastic polyester nonwoven coated with a skin-friendly polyacrylate adhesive, guaranteeing secure fixation.
  • It is safeguarded by a pre-measured release liner that is easy to remove.

Pack contains 1x roll of 10M length.

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