Hypafix Adhesive Non-Woven Fabric - 5cm x 10M (Roll)

Hypafix Adhesive Non-Woven Fabric - 5cm x 10M (Roll)

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Product Description

Hypafix Adhesive Non-Woven Fabric is the versatile solution for securing dressings and medical devices with ease and comfort.

Crafted from premium-quality non-woven fabric, Hypafix offers exceptional breathability and gentle adherence to the skin, promoting optimal wound healing and patient comfort. Its hypoallergenic adhesive ensures compatibility with sensitive skin types, minimizing the risk of irritation or allergic reactions.

Designed for convenient application, Hypafix features a reliable adhesive backing that securely anchors dressings, bandages, or medical devices in place, providing reliable fixation throughout daily activities. The non-woven fabric construction allows for effortless customization, enabling healthcare professionals to tailor the size and shape according to individual patient requirements.

Whether used in clinical settings, hospitals, or for personal healthcare needs at home, Hypafix Adhesive Non-Woven Fabric stands as a trusted companion in wound care management, offering reliable fixation and comfort for patients of all ages.

Each pack contains 1x roll of 5cm width and 10m in length.

Made in Germany.

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