Swann Morton - Blade Remover Unit

Swann Morton - Blade Remover Unit

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Product Description

The Swan Morton - Blade Remover Unit is proudly manufactured in the United Kingdom. This palm-sized disposable blade remover is designed for utmost convenience and safety in various professional settings.

Crafted from high-density plastic, this compact device ensures hygienic and safe blade removal without direct contact. Its simplicity of operation makes it suitable for users of any confidence level, catering especially to those working in environments where immediate access to sharps disposal facilities may be limited.

With a capacity to hold up to 100 blades, the BRU guarantees efficiency and ease of use. Its dimensions of 85mm in length, 25mm in width, and 50mm in height make it a versatile companion for both in-clinic and home visit situations.

Improve safety and hygiene while eliminating the risks associated with direct hand/blade contact with the Blade Remover Unit.

Manufactured in the UK.

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