Nail Nipper Barrel Spring (14cm)

Nail Nipper Barrel Spring (14cm)

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Product Description

These nail nippers feature a high-quality "full jaw" with specially angled concave cutting edges, enabling precise, gently curved cuts.

The inclusion of a double spring mechanism enhances leverage for easier nail cutting. Crafted with superb quality and coated with titanium, these nippers are highly durable, prolonging the lifespan of stainless-steel instruments.

Features include:

  • Top of blades are highly curved to contour around nails.
  • The plain handle is easier for gripping and effortless control.
  • The double spring design allows for a smooth cutting motion.
  • Combine this with a curved ergonomical fit in your hand.

It's important to note that while corrosion resistance is improved, it's not entirely immune. Failure to thoroughly clean and dry the instruments after use can lead to the formation of spots, stains, or pitting due to condensation or residual chemicals. Washing with detergents, steel abrasives, or brushes can damage the finish and contribute to corrosion. When cleaning in an ultrasonic cleaner, ensure instruments do not touch each other. After cleaning, rinse under running water followed by demineralized or distilled water, then dry with a lint-free cloth or hot air blower.

Features a 14cm full jaw with specially angled concave cutting edges.

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