Podiatry Nippers

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Soon to Launch

Nail Nipper Barrel Spring (14cm)

These nail nippers feature a high-quality "full jaw" with specially angled concave cutting edges, enabling precise, gently curved cuts.The inclusion of a double spring mechanism enhances leverage for easier nail cutting. Crafted with superb quality and coated with titanium, these nippers are highly durable, prolonging the lifespan of stainless-stee..

Soon to Launch

Nail Nipper Cantilever Double Spring Concave Jaw (15cm)

This heavy-duty double joint nail nipper features comfortable handles that require minimal pressure, making squeezing down effortless.With sharp, thick blades, this nipper easily cuts through even the thickest toenails, while guiding along the curve with ease. Sized for small to average hands, it's built to last for years to come.Textured handles e..

Soon to Launch

Nail Nipper Curved Jaw (12cm)

Nail nipper designed for thick nails.Key features:Blades boast a highly curved top for precise contouring around nails.The simple handle facilitates a comfortable grip and effortless control.Equipped with a double spring design for smooth cutting.Ergonomically curved for a snug fit in your hand.Crafted with superb quality and titanium coating for d..

Soon to Launch

Nail Nipper Titanium Curved Jaw (13.5cm)

Rainbow nail nippers with titanium coating are crafted to offer exceptional quality, durability, and extended longevity.Titanium, a staple in the tooling industry, is renowned for prolonging the lifespan of drill bits, reducing friction, and bolstering resistance against corrosion. Applied as a thin coating onto the stainless steel surface, titaniu..

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