Double Sided Tape

Double Sided Tape

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Product Description

This double sided tape is an extremely strong wet-stick cloth tape that is perfect for the adhesion of EVA orthoses to CNC router tables.

This is the recommended tape for the adhesion of Pre-Cut EVA Blanks to a CNC router table.

How much tape do I need to hold down my pre-cut EVA blanks?

You don't need to cover the entire base of the pre-cut EVA blank. You just need a strip at the heel and a strip at the forefoot. Make sure you press the material firmly to the CNC router table prior to machining.

Is this strong enough to hold down my EVA sheets?

Yes, however we recommend dividing your sheets into smaller rectangles, or using pre-cut blanks for machining of orthoses if possible.

Does this tape leave residue on my CNC table?

It depends on the table surface. If you let us know the material of your table, then we can do a test for you and see if it holds and if it leaves residue.

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